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  1. I was just wondering what the different pieces were called that you will play in this fall concert?

    • Hey Erica,
      Sorry I didn’t get this message until now… we had a fun fall concert. Hope you were there and got a program… but in case you didn’t, here is what we played.
      Largo… G F Handel
      Miuetto (from Surprise Symphony) Haydn
      Romeo and Juiet (Introduction and Finale… Tschaikowsky
      Entr’Acte from Khovantschina… Musorrgsky
      Tales from the Vienna Woods… Strauss
      Slavonic Dances… Dvorak
      Finlandia… Sibelius
      Satchmo! (Louis Armstrong tribute)
      Beatles Medley… Lennon and McCartney
      West Side Story… Bernstein
      and… Music from The Empire Strikes Back… Williams.

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