The Archives of the Sandhills Symphony Orchestra can be found to the right in the sidebar.  They are a work in progress… so please forgive the gaps in history.

How It All Began

Sandhills Symphony was organized in the winter of 1960.  Nora Watson placed a notice  in the North Platte Telegraph for all interested in forming a symphony to meet at the North Platte High School. A number of people showed up to give their support.  The first Board of Directors consisted of :

Bert Ellsworth,           President

Linda Bredemeir,       Vice President

Robert Watson,          Secretary/Treasurer

Larry Romeiser

Jack McDermand

The name,  Sandhills Symphony, was suggested by Nora Watson.  The first concert was given on April 30, 1961 with Louis Trizinski as guest conductor.

Conductors of the Sandhills Symphony

Louis Trzcinski :                 April 30, 1961

Lawrence Romeiser:         April 13, 1962   —   January 25, 1976

Virgil French:                      February 27, 1977  —  November 21, 1993

Wayne Mueller:                  November 19, 1994   (Guest Conductor)

Dave L Klein:                       February 12, 1995     (Guest Conductor)

Jan Bachman:                      November  12, 1995  (Guest Conductor)

Ruth Lauer                           November 12, 1995  (Guest Conductor)

Wayne Mueller:                  November 12, 1995   (Guest Conductor)

Kelli Scheef:                        November 12, 1995   (Guest Conductor)

Wayne Mueller:                  March 17, 1996  —  March 19, 2000

Everett Fidler:                     November 4, 2000  —  April 4, 2001  (Guest Conductor)

Jan Bachman:                      November 4, 2000  —  April 4, 2001  (Guest Conductor)

Virgil French:                      November 4, 2000  —  April 4, 2001  (Guest Conductor)

Jan Bachman:                      November 4, 2001  — January 31, 2010

Bryan Bohn:                         October 30, 2011 — March, 25, 2012

Carmen Allen:                     November 4, 2012– March 2017

Christ’s Speed:                     October 2017– present

Assistant Conductors:


There have also been assistant conductors throughout the years.   Most recently, Everett Fidler, David Thelen, and Sheila Johnson have filled that role.

Concert Master

Kay Toillion served as Concert Master for the first concert in 1961.  She served in this position through the spring concert of 2017.

Kristin Simpson is our current Concert Master.   She started in that position in the Fall of 2017.

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