New symphony members are welcome and are encouraged to call our conductor , Christa Speed, at 308-380-9631 about performing with us.




  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am responding the the letter of invitation Governor Dave Heineman received to attend the 50th Anniversary concert in North Platte on March 20, 2011. He is sorry that he is unable to attend at this time due to other commitments. Thank you so much for the invitation.


    Noelle Rupiper
    Governor’s Staff

    • Thank you for your response. We are sorry to here that he won’t be able to make it. We are looking forward to a great concert this afternoon.

  2. I am interested in joining and would like more information if possible. Thanks

    • Hey Thomas, thanks for your interest in the Symphony. You can contact our conductor Carmen Allen, about playing with us. Her number is 308-582-4593.

  3. “When is your next concert?”

    • Hey Mickey,
      Thanks for asking… our next concert is March 23rd. I will be updating the website here shortly.

  4. This website needs to post upcoming performances. I have missed several performances because nobody knows when they will be.

    • Thanks Robin for your comment, We do post our concert dates in many locations. We have a concert each fall and each spring, we try and get the word out as best we can, through the newspapers, spots on Newesmakers on TV, on Facebook, and through our website. Maybe you can think of other ways to help us promote the symphony, any ideas you have for us will help.

  5. There is no schedule on the web site for future dates It is very necessary to post them somewhere on the home page.

    • Thanks Robin, we have a concert each fall and each spring. Our concert schedule is very dependant on the schedule of activities at the North Platte High School as that is where we rehearse and perform. We cannot plan our fall concert until we know the school’s schedule, which is not confirmed until the first of September each year. We update our website as soon as the schedule is available. As you can see, our fall concert is now announced and scheduled.

  6. Hello, I am a vocalist in Colorado who has been looking for opportunities to perform. I would be willing to audition to be considered for any opportunities you may have.


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