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The Sandhills Symphony Orchestra is always looking for new members.  If you are musician living in central Nebraska and are interested in joining the symphony, please send us a comment and we’ll contact you and give you details about our practices and upcoming performances, our call the symphony conductor Christa Speed at 308-380-9631.


  1. I play clarinet. I would like to find out about your practice schedule. At this time I am recovering from eye surgery. Heard the news story on KNOP. Sounded good.

    • Hey Randy,
      Our rehearsals are usually Sunday afternoons at 3pm for 6 weeks prior to a performance. So our rehearsals for the next concert will be starting sometime in September probably.. Please keep in touch and we’ll try and let you know they will be.

      Our concert is this afternoon at 3pm. See ya there!

  2. Hello! I am contacting you for myself along with two other musicians, I hope that is allowed!
    I am a woodwinds player out of Ogallala, Nebraska. My primary instrument is Bb soprano clarinet, though I am proficient on Eb soprano clarinet, flute, oboe, soprano saxophone and alto saxophone. I attended Black Hills State University and received an Associates in Fine Arts, Emphasis in Music. If you need an audition tape, I am more than happy to do so, if you have a position that needs filled that is!
    Mr. Schlake, who is the high school band director here in Ogallala, is also interested in performing. His primary instrument is saxophone, though he also studied clarinet and bassoon.
    Also, I am speaking on behalf of a young man in our high school band. His career goal is to become a member of a traveling orchestra and would like to make progress on his resume, and possibly a letter of recommendation (if you think he is worthy of one) for future endeavors. He is a percussionist who has been in many different honor bands over the past few years.
    Are there any positions available for any of us?
    You can contact me at the email address listed or 308-464-0949.
    Thank you
    Kristin Parrish

    • Hey Kristin,
      I will pass your names on to the board. I think you both would be great additions to the orchestra.

      Our concert is this afternoon at 3pm Central Time at the North Platte High School Performing Arts Center. Hopefully you can make it, even with this short notice.

      At this point, I am not sure when rehearsals for our next concert in the fall will be, but I am sure we’d love to have you join us.

      -Robert Martinson II (yes, the cello teacher and symphony board member and webmaster)

  3. Hello,

    My name is Kristin Simpson and I am interested in joining the Sandhills Symphony. I have played the violin for years and have a graduate degree in violin performance with two years of experience leading the strings as concert master.
    I have tried calling the number given of the conductor but have had no luck with the calls going through. Please call me at 534-1576 or email me at so I may find out what I need to do to join.
    Thank you!

    • Hey Kristin,
      I regret not having found this comment sooner…
      I have forwarded it to Carmen Allen our conductor and she should be contacting you shortly.
      -Rob Martinson II

  4. I am interested in playing flute in the symphony if you have a need. I am from Arnold, and have a BA in music education. I taught instrumental music for 8 years before become a school administrator, and would love to find a way to perform again!

    • Hey Dawn…
      Sorry to get back to you a little late… but I will give you our conductor’s phone number so you can contact her directly. She would love to talk with you I am sure… we are only two rehearsals in for our concert on March 23rd, so it may not be too late… but that is up to the discretion of our conductor. Her name is Carmen Allen… and her phone number is 308-520-2755. She teaches some classes at the college during the day… so leave a voicemail and she will get right back to you as soon as she can.
      -Rob Martinson II

  5. Hello! I am interested in playing with the orchestra on bassoon. I played in it once before about 3 years ago. The down side is the time I was playing I was borrowing my high schools bassoon. I do not own one but, would there be a chance that I could borrow one again? If not, I do play clarinet ( I own) , bass clarinet, contra bass clarinet, and trombone ( I own). Thanks!

    – Bert Ogg

  6. Hello, my name is Victoria Kelsey. I play the violin and I am going to be honest I have not played in a couple of years because I graduated and did not have time to practice. But I do know how to play still. Might be a little sticky but I love it and once I am into it. I am great. But like I said I have not played in a while and I would love to keep going. I love performing and love the music, just didn’t know how I could keep playing if I wasn’t in school. I live in North Platte and I have been playing since the fifth grade. I know that I am a little late, but I would love to practice and be able to perform with you guys as soon as I can and when it is okay for me to do so. Thank you.

    • Hey Victoria, Thank you so much for your interest and I apologize fore the slow response. I have passed your email on to Carmen Allen, our director, and she will contact you. We’d love to have you play.

    • Hi, Victoria,
      I would be very glad to have you play with the symphony. We are in rehearsals now for our October 25th concert. We practice on Sundays from 3:00 to 5:00 at the NPHS band room. Let me know if you would like to come to a rehearsal and see what music we are doing for this concert.
      Carmen Allen

  7. Is there an age limit for the Sandhills Symphony? I play flute and was wondering if I could play even though I’m still in high school and just started playing flute, but I was wondering if there was any age or experience requirements for the Symphony, I mabey not be as good as other people but I can get better. I don’t think that I’ll be in I’m a little in experienced but can get better, but I can play piano, flute, trombone, and I compose. So I understand how everything (well not “everything”) works, I understand if you say no but I though I would at least try, because then mabay I can succeed, thank you.

    • This a good question for our director Carmen Allen. Have you tried contacting her? Here phone number on here under the Join the Symphony tag.

  8. Hello, my name is Kaaylan and I am a pianist/keyboardist currently in North Platte, Nebraska. I’m interested in the symphony here, dropping a comment for more information. Thanks in advance! – Kaaylan Jones

    • Hey Kaaylan, thank you for reaching out. Sorry for not responding sooner to you. Please contact Carmen Allen, our conductor about playing. While we probably woundn’t have you join us for our March 12 concert, I am sure she would love to speak to you about the possibilities of joining in the fall.

  9. Helo, my name is Ana and I play the viola. I would really like to join but I haven’t played on a couple of years so I’m a little rusty and worried I wouldn’t do good.

    • Hey Ana, you should come to rehearsal tomorrow anyways, and check it out and see how you do. we are meeting at Adams Middle School at 3pm in the band room, if you need directions call me at 308-530-2233. -Rob, SSO Board Pres.

      • I completely missed this reply years ago. Sorry. But would like to try once again.

      • You can contact our Conductor Christa Speed. She will let you know what you need to do.

  10. Hello, my name is Ana and I would love to play the Viola with you guys. I’m a little rusty, but I dedicated a lot of time to the Viola and am sure I can get better with each practice.

  11. Are there any vacancies for Trombone? Is there an audition for a spot? I live in McCook and would like to know how rigorous is the rehearsal schedule. You can also call me at 719 342 1295.

    Thank You

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